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Bespoke designer lighting for indoors and outdoors

From a professional lighting plan and advice to unique bespoke designer lighting.

More than a lighting shop

Verlichting Mortier is yet to reach a hundred years old, but we’re getting pretty close. Since 1965, our family business has grown into an established name for both companies and individuals.

The Verlichting Mortier shop remains the homeowners’ go-to place for bespoke designer lighting. At our Aalter location, we produce the house brand under the name psmlighting where we distribute innovative lighting systems and lighting fixtures.

We always opt for Belgian, ecological and fair. Our permanent team and long-term partnerships are proof of our professional services, high-quality craftsmanship, innovation, and creativity.

Why Verlichting Mortier?

100% Belgian craftsmanship

Since 1965, Verlichting Mortier has been building a brand that is purely Belgian in all aspects covering development, production, finishing, and storage. Bespoke design lighting is all done in our Aalter location. Less transport, more quality guarantees and better efficiency. In terms of service, innovation and quality, we are always one ecological step ahead.

Professional quality

In-house production in collaboration with Belgian suppliers has numerous advantages. Continuous in-house quality controls and the guaranteed use of the best quality materials. The choice of high-quality aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass, and glass to sheet metal finishes ensure the highest standard in quality lighting and design.

Flexible approach

We are literally just around the corner and that creates opportunities. Still need an extra light point, is a fixture too short or is a special adjustment required? Questions, concerns and problems get a listening ear, an immediate response and a suitable solution. Flexibility, the big advantage of having a manufacturer and supplier nearby for exclusive customisation.

Exclusive design

With experience in spades, we not only follow the latest trends, but we also develop them. A permanent team of creative experts, interior designers, lighting developers and production staff provide an innovative approach to design. Our showroom in Aalter and our inspiration page give you a glimpse behind the scenes.

Bespoke lighting and advice

A smart lighting plan. It’s the exploration by our interior specialists and lighting consultants of the little things in your house that make it a home. We weigh up personal and practical needs in a customised lighting plan.

Incoming daylight, reflective surfaces, shadow zones, the available space, the desired atmosphere, the proposed budget, and energy consumption. Because lighting is more than just changing a light bulb. It creates a feeling, an idea, an impression, and a special lighting experience.

A design for every lighting project

A creative approach, fixtures and lighting to suit the space and customisation to perfection. Are you looking for a warm look with indirect lighting, a clear eye-catcher or some elegant luminaires as an accent? Need matching outdoor lighting that makes your garden or terrace cosy?

Verlichting Mortier makes your renovation or new construction project a success. With innovative systems, our own collection of recessed spotlights and designer lighting, we create light and space in your home, garden and terrace. Get inspired by our projects or contact us for bespoke lighting.

Latest news on lighting and design

The latest trends, unique, subtle and extravagant designs. The world of lighting does not stand still. Year after year, we develop new techniques that make their way into today's digital world. We work everything in beautifully, creating a rustic style or making it just visible for an industrial look.

Discover the latest news on lighting, design and trends and be amazed by the purely Belgian and innovative designs.


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