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Bespoke lighting advice and lighting plan

The lighting experience showroom

Would you like to soak up the atmosphere from the comfort of your sofa? With our virtual experience showroom, you will discover the ins and outs of Verlichting Mortier and the psmlighting brand. Together and under the same roof, we give advice, inform and develop ideas for private individuals and companies alike. Discover the showroom of our permanent team of in-house experts and get inspired by designer lighting.

Bespoke lighting advice

Are you getting lost in the huge range of lighting, designs, colours and mood lighting? Do you need a lighting expert for your building or renovation project? Lighting makes or breaks your interior and should not be underestimated.

The colour, tone, warmth, and radiance of direct or indirect lighting creates the atmosphere in your home. Using our light configurator, you get a draft idea of your ceiling lighting. For the full picture, however, we listen to your story and provide tailor-made advice.

How does lighting advice work?

Bring your building plan, any photos and documentation and we will inform and advise you on the possibilities within your budget. In the showroom, you will get a first impression of the effects of different light colours. Our interior specialists and lighting consultants always provide an honest explanation and specific information. Do you want complete certainty about your lighting and to give your electrician the necessary tools? Have us draw up a lighting plan at the start of your project.


Let us draw up a lighting plan

Your dream lighting has a practical side. How many light points are needed in the available space? Is home automation required? Do you want to create a warm atmosphere in the living room? Important questions that are covered in a professional lighting plan.

A customised lighting plan includes all the specifications needed for a balanced space. A central light point, mood lighting and the correct position and description of the various light fittings.

We take basic, accent and functional lighting into account. Visit Verlichting Mortier in the early stages of your building or renovation project. We will listen to your needs, complement them with our expertise and draw up a lighting plan tailored to your requirements.

How do we draw up a lighting plan?

Your personal preferences, wishes and needs form the basis of the lighting plan. Our view of the possibilities follows the common thread of your style. On a floor plan of the room, home or garden, we determine the functional aspects of the lighting. We indicate where light should shine, how much, and where the light points should be. We advise on the type of lighting, colour options, size and necessary cabling, consider dimming effects, and include options for home automation. A lighting plan from Verlichting Mortier ticks all the boxes.



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